Join 2010 Global Prayer & Meditation July 9th thru 14th

Every year a group of committed individuals from all over the globe gather together in a private location to spend four days in fasting, meditation and walking prayer for the well being of the planet and all her inhabitants.

Join this year’s focus for Harmony and Peace in our world; Respect for ALL Living Beings; Healing for the Gulf Coast, the Ocean, and the Earth.

July 9th through the 14th please take time to join in meditation & prayer. Take time during this period to give appreciation to these individuals for their dedication and to lend your energy and focus to the work of Healing the planet.

If you have Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can also help to spread the word by sharing this site link so that we can have millions joined together in focused intent! Let’s create a Powerful Global Participation!

short link:

Here are some comments from those who have been and are part of this gathering:

“Getting ready for…my annual time of fasting, going inward, and prayers with a group of like minded individuals where our focus and intention is for a world of peace, tolerance and consideration for all living beings…may our children know a world we have, to this point in our evolution, only dreamed as possible.” DT

“We are gathering…next week to do world peace activities and ask all join us if not physically, in mediation and prayers. We can and will help the Gulf situation and oil spill.”  GMP

“Some people focus energy work. That is their chosen path. Some support them from far away around the world…

“I know and have observed the Balancing Gathering now for at least 15 years. These are dedicated people living and dealing with personal situations just like you and I. THEY take the time to do this for everyone, and for the whole planet, and for all that the energies of everyone are creating and rippling out. WHY?

BECAUSE….their eyes have beheld, and their ears have received, things that most of us could not imagine in a lifetime.

“This year, 2010, a specific focus on the Gulf Oil situation, is an opportunity to participate in healing. I invite you to take time from YOUR personal busy-ness, to link your energy to this activity which is most benevolent for the whole planet.” E.Z.


“ I pledge to take time during the days of July 9th-10th-11th-12th-13th-14th to join in this Global Prayer/Meditation.”

Thank you!

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©2010 Deborah Adler. All rights reserved.

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"I believe in Dignity and Respect for All Peoples, All Beings, All Creation. We are here to Heal Separation. We Are One."
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